Joseph LoCastro
Italian American
Born February 18th 1991
From Marlboro New York / The Hudson Valley

                               Depression, a life moment, a mere week in someone's life can be either catalytic or a life altering effect influencing others to rise. To break free. So... let me ask you, If you were to take the path to follow your dreams, what would that look like? It might feel scary right? Or, maybe you feel you don't have time? Oh people might judge you for so much. 

                                          You may have heard of me from different platforms on social media or within the "Psychic Intuitive" areas of life. I was raised as your typical kid, in the country side of New York. My dad had a restaurant growing up that was successful and my mother found her passion within the mental health industry. I was that odd son in the family. Spirituality was always around me and I had learned to follow my path within that. I became eager and wanting more knowledge but didn't know where to go. 
             After graduating High School I atteneded a local community college for electrical engineering as I enjoy electricity and its circuits; however I quickly found the math was not my realm. Visiting the local culinary school I continued in my passion of cooking and food. I am now an alumni of The Culinary Institute of America of Hyde Park, NY. I had found food and the kitchen to be my "Alchemy". For years I searched for my place and traveled. I cooked in different style kitchens and even worked for the fifth season winner of "The Next Food Network Star", Justin Warner at his previous restaurant "Do or Dine". 
            I love to travel and have lived in different states from South Carolina to Florida. I Love Florida personally. I had the time to live in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Unfortunately while living there I had lost a really good friend to a suicide over-dose and my past relationship ended with me traveling back home to New York and finding she took her life. This had impacted my reality tremendously. I had lost the sense of what life and reality consisted of in a good way. For months I had depression, deep questions and had to be with myself. High Anxiety arose, difficult choices and ultimately learning self love. I eventually learned rto love myself more than I ever had. This was the renewal of my spiritual journey, finding the past connections and present gifts.

        Today I have helped hundreds if not thousands with their path in life as well as mine. I thrive off of my ambition and beliefs knowing we can reach anything if we put our mind and emotional awareness to it. I can honestly say I still have moments and the path I took isn't at all perfect, however I find the gold within all trials an tribulations. I seek to help individuals connecting with my abilities and gifts with readings, teaching how to get Intune with your inner-being and why its important, life coaching to help reach a goal and get out of our own ways.                      As you may imagine; love, money, purpose and passion. Everything can be so overwhelming while you learn to discover yourself and how this all works. Some get into astrology and others numerology, sacred geometry. Many lost in crystals and cards. I enjoy social media and talking and sharing my daily life, challenges and discussing inspired topics on my radio show / Podcast as well as live streaming to connect with others around the world. We are constantly evolving and discovering more of who we are and I am more eager to help as many as I can. With success, happiness and letting go of old limited beliefs. Or more so teaching how to find your purpose and passion and spiritual gifts.
     It doesn't matter who you are, I work with souls from galactic energies, healers, light warriors, people who just seek guidance. I am an Alchemist, I see things in energies, evolutions and also what is causing conflict internally projected in the reality of life. Our obstacles in life are lessons and we thrive to ascend in life. Reaching happiness and direction while we let our old self go. Death and Rebirth cycles, patterns and timelines. Choices and emotional learning. "Fear is just the unknown"Over time I was bored of the spiritual system and what it portrayed it should be. I chose to be a rebel in my own way and help others be free to be or find their authentic self. This is your life, be free to live it. It is my passion in any way or form to help you and anyone discover and embrace what we hold from our best self.
                  I was always curious beyond the stars, what is this all for. What is beyond this planet. Well I experienced many spiritual or beyond or normality than most. I've dealt with the spiritual realm, negative attacks and galactic engagements. Intense information given to me without books or learning. Intense experiences and learned to listen and trust the process. Before this I was around spiritual people who connected with spirits of the light or their "guides". I also pursued my path in which I was personally called to in the depths of my soul which is an afro-Cuban religion called Santeria. This had taught me not only about my ancestors and my guides, but the importance of honoring them and of course the orishas. This is apart of my life and I don't push it on anyone.
We are all here to evolve and what works for me may not work for you. I am helping individuals be their best self here, be at peace and release inner subconscious emotions. Embracing and freeing life can be if we just find and seek the right teacher instructor. By no means am I perfect, but I will always seek to bring my clients comfort, laughter and time to open up. I'm known to give more than expected in time as well as not giving up in my own goals and endeavors.
Dream big, and never stop learning and thriving. Dreamers are the ones with the difficult challenges in life, conquering the quest and willing to find what is waiting for them each step of the way. The curious ones. This is me as well, breaking the patterns and learning to trust in the universe, guides and more.
My name is Joe LoCastro AKA, A Millennials Third Eye. Life isn't meant to be one way. I hope to hear about your story or how I can help you. Don't give up, and never ashamed to reach out and seek guidance. Its my main reason I am here, so that no one has to be alone or feel scared in their experience.