"A Millennial's Third Eye"
Joe LoCastro

Psychic Intuitive - Life Coach - Alchemist - Instructor - Multi-Dimensional Being - Adventurous - Professional Chef - Spiritualist- Comedian - Social Media Influencer - Teacher - Podcast & Radio Show Host - Friend - Son - Brother

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"Wow. What an amazing experience. I came across Joe during a Tiktok live and I am so incredibly glad I did. He spoke with me for 2 hours about life and spirituality and my goals and how to accomplish them. I felt so powerful and understood. I felt his unconditional love for human beings and the human experience. He was extremely non-judgmental and easy to talk to. He’s so dialed in spiritually and I just feel renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend booking time with him. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart." - Chelsy P.
"I came across one of Joes lives on TikTok and immediately felt a pull to his energy. I asked if he did coaching sessions and he let me know that he does so I booked a session with him. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it but it was such a transformative experience for me. It was really comfortable like talking to a friend so it took the pressure off, he lead me into exercises and helped me deal with some things I had buried deep inside me and when I dealt with that I was able to unlock a whole new level of consciousness and gifts I didn’t realize that I had. I have another session booked with him and am enrolled in his intuitive tarot class. Everything I’ve taken part in has been really helpful and his energy is seriously contagious. I HIGHLY recommend working with Joe, getting a reading or coaching or hypnotherapy session with him. You will not regret it!" - Devon L.