I am The Vessel The Gift is My Guides

          For over fifteen years I am an initiate of Santeria, which is an Afro-Cuban Tradition. Within this practice you will find "Espiritismo" also known as Spiritism. Started from Allen Kardec, this is the belief and practice that spirits can influence ones life in a positive and or negative way. Over these years I have been learning and practicing with others. I began to develope my own spiritual "quadro" or quadrant / altar. As I learn and developed more over the years I have enjoyed helping others with their journey.

          When booking a private session with me I offer you a choice of phone call or a video chat. The session can be anywhere from 45-50 Mins. I no longer offer shorter times. You are welcome to record and or take notes. During this time I will be speaking on topics my guides bring up and I do later on in the session as well.

                If my spirit guides wish to continue to speak they do so. I do not want any information prior to the reading; at the end of each reading I give space to ask any questions if you find you still have one.

Appointments are booked in advanced, I do not do same day readings.

Psychic Readings are $65 via PayPal or CashApp
Please contact Joe to book your time.